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BOE Aims At Organic EL Materials Deal With Japanese Supplier

Japan's organic EL materials supplier Idemitsu announced that the company is in discussions with China's leading LCD panel manufacturer BOE Technology Group about cooperation in the organic EL business sector.

Idemitsu has many exclusive patented technologies in blue luminescent material, which is indispensable for organic EL panels.

To realize the volume production of organic EL panels, BOE is promoting related development in several factories in China. The company hopes to accelerate the development of volume production technologies by cooperating with Idemitsu.

In addition, Idemitsu also provides organic EL materials to enterprises like LG Display and Samsung. The Japanese company maintains a deep relationship with LG Display not only in material cooperation, but also in panel development. Idemitsu aims to expand its market and the company hopes to enhance cooperation with various panel manufacturers.

The financial terms of the BOE deal in Japan have not been released.

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