Nokia's chairman Risto Siilasmaa recently visited Chinese government officials and revealed that the company plans to set up a special department to help Chinese Internet companies expand overseas business.

The new team will become a part of Nokia's strategic organization and will be led by Kathrin Buvac, chief strategy officer of Nokia. The team aims to support and accelerate the overseas expansion of China's large Internet companies and it will focus on sectors like data centers, cloud computing, IP routing, transmission, and service.

Nokia will also provide professional technologies in the new technology area, including edge cloud services, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The establishment of the department is in line with Nokia's strategy, which is to extend its businesses to markets beyond the core communication service provider market.

Prior to this, Nokia and China Huaxin Post and Telecommunication Economy Development Center signed a final agreement to integrate Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell with Nokia China business to establish a new joint venture – Nokia Shanghai Bell. Nokia Shanghai Bell already started operation in China, and this represents Nokia's commitment to the Chinese market and its support to China's economic growth.


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