Huawei is elevating its cloud services business unit as a sign that it is focusing dedicated resources to the growth of cloud computing.

The China-based company published an internal notice to its employees about the organization structural adjustment, which will upgrade its cloud business unit to a first-tier unit, with more business decision-making power.

Huawei's cloud business unit was established in April 2017 and it is led by Huawei's IT product line president Zheng Yelai.

Prior to the adjustment, the cloud BU was a second-tier unit and belonged to the company's product and solutions unit. However, as a first-tier unit, the cloud BU is still on a lower level than Huawei's enterprise business group, carrier business group, and consumer business group.

The adjustment does not affect its core management. After the adjustment, the cloud BU will have its own human resources department, CTO office, strategy and business development department, and financial management department.

In addition, this BU will have separate accounting, which may appear on Huawei's financial report for 2017.


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