Baidu announced via its official social media channel that the company's second research and development center in Silicon Valley has formally opened for operation.

Baidu established its first Silicon Valley R&D center three years ago and focused on artificial intelligence and data center research. The company's second Silicon Valley R&D center, which will focus on artificial intelligence and autopilot systems, is recruiting talent from all over the world.

The new R&D center covers an area of 36,000 square feet and it serves two units: one is from Baidu's intelligent driving group and is responsible for Baidu's Apollo autopilot open platform; and the other is a branch of its network security division.

According to Baidu, the new R&D center can accommodate 150 people and it has the most advanced automotive laboratory. In the future, it will be used for tasks related to autopilot systems and Internet security.

Zhang Yaqin, Baidu's president who is in charge of the company's business in America, said that with the growth of their American team, it is natural to open the second R&D center. Silicon Valley is becoming more and more important in Baidu's global strategy.


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