China Unicom and China Post recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, under which the two parties will enhance cooperation in five major sectors to realize resource sharing and advantage complementation of the two parties.

China Unicom and China Post will enhance their infrastructure and communications service cooperation. Based on existing cooperation, the two parties will use new technologies, including Internet of Things, big data, and 5G, to promote intelligent logistics platform construction, video surveillance cloud storage management and service, and user image and industrial data model building in the postal area.

The will expand new cooperation in financial businesses, covering data center leasing, fusion payment, customer financial data, and focal and foreign currency settlement. They will also implement online and offline channel payment cooperation.

For channel sites and businesses cooperation, the two parties will use their respective channel advantages to implement business agency, site joint construction, terminal sales, rural area new retail, mobile application promotion, and delivery business cooperation to improve channel product sales ability and market share.

The two parties will further promote delivery and logistics cooperation. They will further develop comprehensive logistics services like warehousing, delivery, system, and data services. Meanwhile, they will actively explore application cooperation of 5G technology and Internet of Things in the logistics sector.

Finally, the two parties will enhance resource sharing and realize traffic sharing and joint marketing. In addition, they will enhance cooperation in Internet service platform and new media resource to promote win-win cooperation.


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