Giant Interactive Group recently confirmed that Nie Zhiming has joined the company as chief technology officer, leading technology platform, cutting-edge technology and AI lab.

It is said that Nie will be fully responsible for Giant's technology sector. He will organize and make major technology decisions and plans; promote Giant's R&D platform accumulation and establishment; establish a young global technical talents team; build secure and effective operating platform ability to support the company's business globalization; and formulate technology strategic development direction to deploy in cutting-edge technology innovation.

At the same time, Giant revealed that the company has established AI lab and cutting-edge technology unit and both units will be commanded by Nie.

Based on Giant's latest financial report, the company will implement active exploration and distribution in Internet cutting-edge technologies in the future, covering AI, big data, Blockchain, and cloud gaming product development and operation.

According to public files, Nie has over 18 years of experience in Internet technology R&D and management, game product quality management, and cutting-edge technology exploration. Before joining Giant, he worked for Tencent's interactive entertainment business group, leading public technology platform construction, game product safety protection and quality management, and knowledge management.


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