Lenovo Group announced during its global supplier conference held in Macau that they will invest USD300 million to build a new intelligent manufacturing base in Shenzhen.

This new project is expected to be completed in two to three years and it will form a triangle with the group's existing manufacturing bases in Wuhan and Hefei. Lenovo said that they will continue to enhance investments in China's intelligent manufacturing sector in the future.

At present, Lenovo has 36 manufacturing facilities in the world, including 11 self-constructed facilities. Based on China intelligent manufacturing, the company deploys around the world for its business development.

Lenovo said that facing new opportunities brought by intelligent, Lenovo's global supply chain will continue to aid Lenovo Group's "3S Strategy", promote the realization of intelligent transformation, and build an intelligent future.

In April 2019, Lenovo Group formally announced its "3S Strategy", which aims to lead and enable smart transform with smart IoT, smart infrastructure, and smart industry.


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