During Tencent's Global Digital Ecosystem Summit held in Kunming, Tencent and Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed a fintech strategic cooperation agreement, under which the two parties will establish a fintech joint lab to implement cooperation in the fintech sector.

The two parties will reportedly play their respective IT resource advantages to promote research innovation and application promotion in the fintech sector. They will improve their research innovation and result application abilities to stimulate fintech development of the securities and futures industry.

In addition, China Galaxy Securities also signed fintech strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent. The two parties announced plans to jointly explore potential applications of cloud computing technology in the securities industry and technology R&D and realization of big data and AI technologies in various scenes of this industry.

Prior to this, Tencent Cloud already formed partnerships with several brokers, including Guotai Junan Securities and Futu Securities, to explore the digital transformation of brokers.


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