According to reports in Taiwanese local media, the Kaohsiung government recently confirmed that Hon Hai has decided to invest in Kaohsiung and build a smart factory in the city to make servers and related products.

Hon Hai has been actively deploying in recent years and the company's chairman Terry Gou announced that they will enhance investments in Kaohsiung in 2019. The company will purchase a piece of land of about 40,000 square meters in Kaohsiung to build a smart factory, which will be engaged in the production of servers and related products.

It is said that the Kaohsiung government signed a memorandum of understanding with Hon Hai on March 17, 2019 for the land purchase. On May 24, Hon Hai transferred 3% of the land purchase deposit to a designated account.

The Kaohsiung government said that with the active support of the government team, Hon Hai completed site selection and purchase within two months.


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