Xiaomi recently announced new organizational structure adjustment and personnel appointment, stating that its former group quality office and security compliance unit will be integrated into a new group quality office and Li Tao will be head of the new group quality office, reporting to group vice president Yan Kesheng.

The new group quality office has five divisions, including quality operating division, product quality division, user experience division, service quality division, and security compliance division.

Li will be in charge of the quality operating division, leading the coordination and monitoring of corporate quality status and improving quality performance and quality accident management mechanism.

Jiang Ximing will run the product quality division, leading hardware product line quality and user experience improvement. Meanwhile, he will be responsible for the establishment of the group's user-oriented insight system. Wang Wenlin will run the user experience division, leading quality and user experience improvement for Internet related units. Hu Yingshuai will run the service quality division, leading group service quality improvement and promoting quality improvement and user experience of sales service related units. Zhang Xiaoxiao will run the security compliance division to promote the realization of the company's product and business security compliance requirements and lower business operation compliance risk. The four persons will all report to Li.


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