Enterprise cloud ICT service provider QingCloud recently launched its cross-border e-commerce solution, which can help cross-border e-commerce platforms handle business peak and security threats and realize multi-platform, multi-store and multi-admin operation.

At present, cross-border e-commerce operators are facing general problems like expensive overseas lines, limited cross-border network, and hardware resource waste.

QingCloud's newly launched cross-border e-commerce solution can provide secure and stable network, high-speed stable export bandwidth, and special overseas acceleration to support stable, secure and convenient cross-platform multi-account operation of cross-border e-commerce.

It is said that QingCloud's cross-border e-commerce solution covers strong performance and secure cloud host; flexible public network EIP to support flexible charging strategy; and cloud account that allows login of multiple people.

In addition, QingCloud offers a management system specially designed for cross-border e-commerce. It features complete background management functions, authority allocation mechanism, and account machine rights management.


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