VIPKID officially confirmed that Zheng Zibin, former Baidu vice president and CTO of Baidu mobile ecology business group, has joined VIPKID as CTO, leading overall technical strategic planning of the company.

Baidu confirmed on June 5 that the company's vice president Zheng would soon depart the company. Prior to this, Baidu Group sent an internal email on February 26, stating that to create an unprecedentedly prosperous and powerful Baidu mobile ecosystem, stimulate organizational innovation ability, improve collaborative efficiency, further promote cadre rotation system, and cultivate and reserve composite management officers, the company decided to implement rotation adjustments to it three vice presidents Shen Dou, Wu Haifeng, and Zheng Zibin.

According to public files, Zheng joined Baidu in May 2010 and he was responsible for several important departments of Baidu, including business search, business basic platform, and big data.

Founded in 2013, VIPKID is an online kid's English education company. With investments from Northern Light Venture Capital, Matrix Partners China, Sinovation Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Zhen Fund, VIPKID connects Chinese kids with North American foreign teachers via a one-on-one real-time online video learning platform to help kids learn and master English.


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