Zhao Peng, founder of Chinese recruitment website Zhipin.com, recently revealed at the company's media conference that Zhipin.com's annual operating revenue has reached CNY1 billion and it has achieved profit; meanwhile, the company is preparing for IPO.

However, Zhao did not reveal its place of listing.

Established in July 2014, Zhipin.com is a recruitment platform which allows job seekers to have direct conversation with their potential bosses, aiming to accelerate the interview process.

According to the latest public financing files, Zhipin.com gained C1 round investments led by Meridian Capital and C2 round investments led by Gaorong Capital in August 2016, raising a total of USD28 million.

Zhao also revealed at the media conference that by September 2018, Zhipin.com had 63.72 million registered users and market share of 10%. The company currently has nearly 1,000 employees.


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