Mislatel, a consortium formed by China Telecom and its Philippine partners, recently gained CPCN telecom operating license in Philippine.

The consortium is expected to become the third largest telecom operator in Philippine, breaking the monopoly of PLDT and Globle in the country.

Mislatel is formed by China Telecom and its Philippine cooperation partners, including Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co., Udenna Corp., and Chelsea Logisticsand Infrastructure Holdings Corp.

According to information from the official website of China Telecom, Mislatel won the bid for a new telecom operator of Philippine National Telecommunications Commission in November 2018. Now the consortium gained a CPCN telecom operating license, marking its formal entry into the Philippine telecom market to implement network construction and operating service.

Mislatel plans to formally start commercial use in 2020 and the company will launch 4G mobile service and fiber broadband service in Philippine. Meanwhile, it will accelerate the deployment of 5G mobile network to improve the telecom infrastructure level in the country.


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