Chinese Internet music platform Xiami Music recently announced cooperation with MQA to provide MQA studio sound quality music to its users soon.

It is said that MQA was published in December 2014 and its full name is Master Quality Authenticated. Initially, it was launched by Meridian for high fidelity audio streaming and download and it later became an independent operated company. Apart from UMG, Sony, and Merlin, Warner Music Group also signed a long-term licensing agreement with MQA in May 2016.

MQA's technology core is an audio folding technology named "Music Origami", which can hide the high frequency part into the inaudible area of the low frequency part, so as to reduce the size of master audio to the CD level. In this case, users will be able to enjoy the original master audio quality on music service platforms that support MQA technology decoding.

Xiami Music was founded in 2008 and it formally merged into Alibaba Group in 2013. This Internet music platform has attracted over 40,000 original musicians and provides 500 million high-quality lists of over 1,000 different music styles.


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