Chinese digital map content and navigation solutions provider AutoNavi formally announced to release its new 10.0 version, marking its upgrade into a national transportation platform.

It is said that the 10.0 version was initially started in May 2018 and it formally launched research and development in October 2018. In March 2019, it released the first grayscale test version and gradually evolved into the official version after several version iterations.

According to AutoNavi, the new version has redesigned product interface which places users' favorite modules like driving, taxi, bus, subway, and travel on the home page for the convenience of users. In addition, it says goodbye to the single navigation design and provides more personalized mobile travel services basing on user habits, marking its upgrade from a map navigation tool to a national transportation platform.

Information from China's statistics platform QuestMobile shows that AutoNavi's monthly active users have exceeded 400 million and its daily active user peak reached 115 million. At present, AutoNavi's services cover map information, driving navigation, shared transportation, intelligent bus, intelligent scenic spot, cycling, walking, and long distance travel.


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