During Huawei's 2019 developer conference held in Dongguan, the company's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong formally released Huawei's new distributed operating system HarmonyOS to the world and announced the open source of HarmonyOS at the same time.

Yu introduced that with the coming of full-scene intelligence era, Huawei believes that they need to further improve the cross-platform capability of operating system to support full scene, multiple devices and platforms, low delay and high security. Therefore, they gradually created the embryonic form of HarmonyOS.

Based on microkernel, HarmonyOS is a full-scene distributed operating system, which can meet the demands of smooth full-scene experience, architecture level security, seamless cross-device collaboration, and multi-end deployment with a single development, said Yu.

In regards to application of HarmonyOS, Yu said that with advantages of lightweight, small size and strong functions, it will be first applied to smart devices like smart watches, smart screens, car devices, and smart speakers. HarmonyOS aims to establish a cross-device fusion sharing ecosystem, rebuild a secure and reliable operating environment, and create full-scene intelligent lifestyle experience for consumers.

HarmonyOS will be first available on smart screen TV products which will be released soon.


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