According to reports in Chinese local media, Hon Hai Group formally launched iPhone product line in India in August 2019 and its annual capacity is about one million units.

However, Hon Hai Group's product lines in India mainly make Android smartphones and their major products are Xiaomi-branded phones. Hon Hai India's Xiaomi product lines make three million units per month, which is three times of the annual capacity of iPhone.

It is said that the lack of iPhone product line in India is mainly because of the high assembly precision of iPhone, which requires longer time of learning for Indian workers.

Previous reports in Taiwanese media revealed that Apple asked Hon Hai Group to start assembling the latest iPhone products in Indian from August 2019. Initially assembled products will be mainly sold in India and about 70% to 80% of those assembled in India are expected to be exported to other markets of the world before the end of 2019.

This is reportedly the first time for Hon Hai to make the latest iPhone products in a factory outside mainland China.


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