According to reports in Canadian local media, Chinese telecom device maker Huawei recently confirmed that the company has started 6G network research in Ottawa, Canada.

It is said that Huawei implemented the 6G network research in its center in Kanata. The company also revealed that they have implement discussion with researches of many universities in Canada.

Zhang Song, Huawei Canada's vice president for R&D strategy and cooperation partner, said that 5G is relatively new and 6G is a part of the evolution of 5G. Huawei's research and development lab in Ottawa will help lead Huawei's 6G development worldwide.

So far, the Canadian government has not yet determined whether to allow Huawei to operate 5G network in the country. The final decision will be made this autumn after the Canadian federal government election.

Prior to this, Huawei announced on February 21, 2019 that the company would hire 200 new employees in Canada, which would increase its employee number in the country by about 20%. In addition, the Chinese company announced plans to increase its R&D investment in Canada by 15%, which was based on its USD136 million investment in 2018.


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