Didi recently announced that Wei Junqing, former global engineering vice president of Aptiv, has joined Didi's autopilot company as chief technology officer, report to Didi Chuxing's CTO and Didi autopilot CEO Zhang Bo.

Wei was graduated from Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University. In December 2017, automobile parts supplier Delphi separated its unmanned driving business into an independent company named Aptiv and Wei was appointed vice president of global engineering. During his service at Aptiv, Wei led the autopilot strategic planning, technology development, product development and business realization. Since 2015, Wei led the establishment of Aptiv's Pittsburgh technology center and Las Vegas customer experience and unmanned driving team operating center.

In August 2019, Didi separated its autopilot business into an independent company. The company recently gained an autopilot road test license in Shanghai and announced plans to open autopilot manned test in Jiading soon.

At present, Didi's autopilot management team also includes COO Meng Xing who formally joined in August 2019 and reports to Zhang Bo; leader of American team Jia Zhaoyin who joined Didi at the beginning of 2017; and leader of Chinese team Zheng Jianqiang who joined Didi in 2016.


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