Chinese smartphone maker Oppo recently announced to build a joint communication lab with communication technology service provider Keysight to enhance cooperation in 5G intelligent device research and development.

Oppo said that with Keysight's leading communication technology ability, Oppo will continue to optimize 5G product stability and reliability. The two parties will implement in-depth cooperation in communication software development, aerial design, and product highlight to make 5G smartphones faster, more stable, and low energy consumption.

Since 2018, Oppo and Keysight have worked together in many 5G product R&D projects. In August 2018, Oppo successfully completed the first 5G signaling and data link connection in the industry; in October 2018, Oppo's smartphone realized 5G Internet surfing for the first time; in November 2018, Oppo made the first 5G multi-person video call in the world and it stably lasted for over 17 minutes in a 5G environment with 100M of bandwidth.

Oppo said that with the establishment of the joint lab, the company will cooperate with Keysight to closely combine cutting-edge technical standards with actual needs of users to optimize 5G product performance and energy consumption and improve quality of 5G smart terminal devices.

In the future, Oppo will continue to cooperate with industrial chain partners to accelerate global realization of 5G commercial use.


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