According to reports in Chinese local media, China Unicom and Huawei recently reached cooperation in VR sector.

It is said that the two parties will implement cooperation in VR technology, platform solution, network solution, application scenario, and marketing. Meanwhile, consumers will be able to experience and purchase Huawei's new VR headset product "VR Glass" at China Unicom business halls.

China Unicom recently launched its VR application called China Unicom VR, which integrates contents like VR game, VR video, VR live broadcast, and giant screen cinema. This application is primarily developed by China Unicom Video Technology Company and it supports lossless output of cloud audio and video via wearable VR devices. Based on China Unicom's mobile and cable network, it can apply cloud-network synergy and aggregate VR video content parties, Chinese and international VR game developers, and various industrial resources.

For VR gaming, China Unicom VR combines over 100 Android games, rendering games and 3A games, covering skiing, shooting, fighting, and deciphering exploration.

In regards to video content, China Unicom VR currently provides 360-degree panoramic video, 360-degree panoramic live broadcast, 3D video, 3D live broadcast, and giant screen theater. China Unicom also mastered 2D to 3D conversion technology, which can convert existing resources to 3D videos with lower cost and higher efficiency.


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