Tesla announced via its official WeChat that the company will build a research and development center in China to recruit outstanding talents and create orginal "Chinese style" Tesla cars.

According to Tesla, its Shanghai super plant was completed in October 2019 and Chinese-made Tesla has become reality. To realize the transfer from "made-in-China" to "design-in-China", Tesla's CEO Elon Musk raised a cool idea – to build a research and development center in China.

Tesla's designer recruitment slogan is to create original "Chinese style" Tesla and combine the most beautiful Chinese art into the future Tesla.

Prior to this, Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 electric cars were officially delivered on January 7, 2020. During the car delivery event, Musk said that Model 3 and Model Y were now manufactured in China. In the future, more Model series cars would be born here and even Chinese-designed Tesla was possible.


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