China's ZTE and MTN Uganda recently hold a launch meeting with the theme of "Experience the Future Together" in Kampala, capital of Uganda, and the two parties jointly launched the first 5G SA network in East Africa.

During the launch meeting, ZTE and MTN Uganda demonstrated a high-speed 5G SA network with 60MHz spectrum bandwidth and its measured speed was over 1.494Gbps. The network can support various applications, including Cloud XR, ultra HD live, autonomous driving and remote surgery.

It is reportedly the first 5G SA network in East Africa and ZTE's end-to-end 5G devices such as Common Core were used in the deployment and operation.

In addition, ZTE displayed its end-to-end commercial 5G solutions, including 5G Common Core, over 100G transmission, 5G flash, 5G new radio, and big video. The company's Axon 10 Pro 5G smartphone and 5G indoor and outdoor routers were also available at the launch meeting.


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