Aliyun announced on its official website that its Heyuan data center formally opened services to the public.

It is said that Aliyun's new data center is the largest green data center in South China. With a capacity of over 300,000 servers, it will provide leading cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things services to millions of enterprise customers in South China.

The Heyuan data center adopts the most advanced hardware devices in the industry and applied Aliyun's self-developed cloud computing technologies in a large scale. Its latency in availability zone is only about 40% of other data centers, which can easily meet the capacity expansion demands of financial enterprises.

In addition, the Heyuan data center uses deep water from Wanlv Lake as cooling material. It also carries Aliyun's intelligent operation and maintenance system which can perceive changes in the environment and adjust the power of the equipment in a timely manner to keep it running at the optimal energy consumption level. Those technologies make the Heyuan data center one of the most energy saving data centers in South China.


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