According to reports in foreign media, ByteDance has decided to establish its TikTok European business center in London, UK and the company will recruit a large number of AI engineers and software developers.

At present, TikTok's largest office is in Los Angeles and the London office will have a similar scale, making it the second largest office of TikTok.

Information from the official website of TikTok shows that TikTok has launched offices of various scales in 41 countries. In Europe, it has offices in Paris, Berlin and Dublin, in addition to London.

TikTok did not reveal its employee number, but statistics from LinkedIn show that it hired 2,948 employees worldwide.

TikTok's recruitment page shows that it currently opens 824 positions worldwide, including 117 positions in London. Those opened positions cover chief machine learning engineer, iOS engineer, software engineer, chief solution engineer, and solution engineer. In addition, TikTok is also hiring product manager in London to lead its business in Europe.


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