China Unicom and ZTE recently signed a 6G joint strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will play their respective innovation advantages in 6G sector and jointly explore 6G vision and technology trend targeting China Unicom's network and business conditions. They will also implement potential key technology research for 6G system, implement technical innovation and standard cooperation, and realize strategic coordinated development.

China Unicom said that China Unicom and ZTE are long-term partners and they had in-depth cooperation and fruitful results in the network technology sector. In the future, the two parties will continue to enhance 6G innovative technology research cooperation. On one hand, they will implement cooperation focusing on 6G technical innovation and standard promotion; on the other hand, they will actively promote the deep integration of 6G with satellite network, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, and industrial Internet, so as to realize carrier service and business expansion.

ZTE said that targeting 6G network, ZTE will continue to promote strategic cooperation with China Unicom. The two parties will implement research on 6G potential key technologies, such as space-earth integration technology, terahertz communication technology, and visible light communication technology.


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