According to reports in Chinese local media, NetEase and Huawei recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou.

The two parties will take the new-generation information technology development as a cooperation opportunity and implement in-depth cooperation in new technology and ecology to jointly promote the development of game, music, and education businesses.

With the cooperation, Huawei will integrate its strong R&D and comprehensive technology abilities and apply Internet infrastructure for future-oriented data center network, computing, and cloud service to help NetEase build various upper applications, so as to bring new experience to end users.

It is said that new technologies developed by the two parties will be preferentially used on NetEase's games. The new cloud game technology will help large games reduce size, break the space limit of gaming experience, and allow players to enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

Meanwhile, the two parties will work together to realize deep exchange and innovation in cloud game system solution and build rendering, cloud computing technology basing on 5G scenarios, AR/VR technology, HMS ecology construction, and all scene intelligent entertainment terminal ecology.

In the future, NetEase and Huawei will implement in-depth cooperation in various sectors, including game, music, education, news, 5G, cloud, and overseas expansion, to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and coordinated development.


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