According to reports in Chinese local media, Baidu recently announced plans to continue to increase its investment in new infrastructure data industry and the company will cultivate 50,000 AI data annotators in its Shanxi data annotation base over the next five years and introduce more AI cooperation partners.

It is said that the cooperation model between Baidu and Shanxi data annotation base will be expanded to more provinces and cities in the future to provide more AI jobs and support local technology industry development.

So far, Baidu Shanxi AI basic data industry base has over 2,000 AI data annotators, its operating revenue was over CNY100 million, and it has attracted 35 enterprises.

AI data annotator is an emerging position which appears with the development of artificial intelligence. In February 2020, AI trainer was officially included in China's national occupation classification catalog. Data collection and annotation is one of the main tasks of AI trainer.


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