According to information from Wuhan Development Zone, the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Wuhan) Test Demonstration Area will be further expanded in 2020 and it will increase 78 kilometers of 5G autonomous driving open test roads.

Before the end of 2020, Wuhan will strive to develop over 100 kilometers of open test roads for 5G-based vehicle-road collaborative autonomous driving to become China's largest 5G vehicle-road collaborative autonomous driving demonstration zone.

In September 2019, the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Wuhan) Test Demonstration Area was launched. Its first phase has 28 kilometers of test roads and 33 5G base stations. By combining the Beidou positioning system, it becomes one of the most advanced V2X vehicle-road collaborative test areas in China. So far, it has attracted many autonomous driving companies to test here, including Dongfeng, Baidu, Haylion Technologies, DeepBlue Technology, DeepRoute, and AutoX.

For the second phase, it will open 78 kilometers of open test roads, which include municipal roads and fourth ring roads. They will cover various road scenes such as roundabouts, intersections, bridges, underpasses, and toll stations.

Meanwhile, Wuhan Development Zone will build 1,300-mu full function, full climate, and full scenario closed test grounds. It will also cooperate with the world's top autonomous driving simulation test companies to create a scenario database with road characteristics of Central China and a simulation test platform with a detailed evaluation system.


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