During Tencent's global digital ecology conference, Tencent Cloud launched a full-chain data development platform named WeData; meanwhile, it launched and upgraded six core products, including streaming computing service, cloud data warehouse, ES, and corporate portrait.

It is said that WeData provides full-link data development capabilities covering ad hoc data analysis and data task visualization, operation and maintenance. With the help of WeData, the threshold for enterprise data development can be effectively reduced by 60%.

At the same time, WeData has built a unified metadata management capability in the cloud, covering the management of technical metadata and business metadata. It has also opened up metadata such as EMR, CDW data warehouse, MySQL and even object storage, so that enterprise data can be stored in different clouds and the consistency and maintainability of the metadata can be guaranteed while seamless flow between facilities.

In addition, WeData provides data scientists with comprehensive asset management and data governance capabilities to fully improve the efficiency of data value discovery.


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