BYD's lithium iron phosphate battery factory in Manaus, Brazil recently started formal production with annual capacity of 18,000 battery modules.

With an investment of about BRL15 million, which is about USD2.7 million, this is reportedly BYD's third factory in Brazil and it is also the first lithium iron phosphate battery factory in the country.

The Manaus battery factory is equipped with high-performance automated production lines, which can produce 48 battery modules per day in a single shift. By the end of September 2020, the factory is expected to make over 1,000 battery modules.

The first batch of batteries will be delivered to Sao Jose dos Campos. The city booked 12 pure electric hinged buses from BYD in May 2020 to build its bus rapid transit system.

Li Tie, manager of BYD Brazil, said that the new battery factory will join hands with more companies committed to the development of clean energy to continue to promote the electrification of buses in Brazil.


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