According to Alibaba's announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Jack Ma will no longer serve as a director of Alibaba Group in accordance with a series of inheritance arrangements two years ago.

However, Ma will still be one of the partners of Alibaba. In Alibaba's partner system, partners nominate most of the directors of the board of directors, rather than allocating director seats based on the number of shares.

As of the announcement date, Alibaba's board of directors includes directors Zhang Yong (chairman of the board), Cai Chongxin, Wu Wei, J. Michael Evans, Jing Xiandong and Kabir Misra; and independent directors Dong Jianhua, Guo Deming, Yang Zhiyuan, E. Brje Ekholm and Wan Ling Martello.

Ma established Alibaba in 1999 and worked as Alibaba Group CEO and chairman of the board of directors. On May 10, 2013, he stepped down from the group CEO position; and on September 10, 2019, he stepped down from the chairman of the board of directors position.


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