Huawei's sixth research institute in France was recently launched in Paris.

The research institute will cooperate with the Ile-de-France region where Paris is located to fully tap local human resources and focus on basic research in mathematics and computing.

Since 2013, Huawei has established five research and development centers in France, employing more than 200 R&D personnel. So far, it has applied for 215 patents in France. The newly established research center will focus on mathematics and computational science.

According to official statistics, Ile-de-France has 3,000 mathematics researchers and is the most concentrated area of mathematicians in the world.

Research in 2018 showed that Huawei hired 1,000 people in France, creating EUR1.2 billion, which is about CNY10 billion, related benefits for France.

In 2020, Huawei France said that over the next four years, Huawei will continue to invest in France and is expected to make purchases of approximately USD4 billion, which is about CNY26.7 billion, in France.


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