[Tesla](//www.autoblog.com/tesla/) Recently, we released a video tour of the Giga Shanghai factory. In the promotional video [Model Y](//www.autoblog.com/tesla/model+y/) When [Model 3](//www.autoblog.com/tesla/model+3/) EV. The 9.3 million square foot factory is located in Lingang, a little over an hour southeast of mainland Shanghai. This video was originally posted on China’s social media platform Weibo, but has been reposted on YouTube by a third party. The video caption is translated as “Tesla is more than the sum of its parts because of its strict quality control and attitude.” The fast-paced clip begins by driving steel into the body panel, followed by shots of the chassis and body moving along the auto-assembly line platform. Some sections are similar to other car factory sections, such as painting and joining the body to the chassis, but with a glimpse of rarely seen processes.They are included [battery](//www.autoblotg.com/tag/battery/) Construction of a pack assembly line for assembling LG Energy Cell packs and an electric motor. Next, let’s move on to quality control. Quality control has the individual videos above. There are X-rays, lasers, and a pretty flashy torque wrench to check the frame and body. There are even leak water and smoke tests where clouds are pumped inside to check the airtightness of the cabin. Finally, it’s time to drive a car on a small test course.Some speed bumps, bot dots, and test drivers force pilots [Electric car](//www.autoblog.com/electric/) Through about 20 inches of water. Considering Tesla [Difficult times in China](//www.autoblog.com/2021/06/03/tesla-stock-drops-on-lower-china-sales/) It’s not surprising that these days they may want to emphasize quality control. The Giga Shanghai Plant is one of the largest EV plants in the world, with a target of weekly production of about 5,000 units and annual production of about 250,000 units. Tesla can see inside the Giga Shanghai factory [Source link](//www.autoblog.com/2021/08/27/tesla-giga-shanghai-factory/) Tesla can see inside the Giga Shanghai factory