Apple is expected to unveil its new Watch Series 7 smartwatch next month. But already now craftsmen from China are selling fakes with might and main, but very realistic ones. It looks like the Chinese watch is based on the leaks and renders of the Apple Watch Series 7, as it completely copies its design, including the flat bezel like the iPhone 12, iPad Air, iPad Pro and 24-inch iMac. The only thing is that the Watch 7 clone looks thicker than the original device. According to the author of the leak, counterfeit Apple Watch Series 7 are sold in China with a price tag of about $ 60, that is, several times cheaper than the original. Recall that Apple Watch Series 7 is credited with a larger battery and new sizes – 41 and 45 mm instead of 40 and 44 mm. Old straps, however, are likely to be compatible with newer models.