Remember that time when the Democrats pretended to care about Asian hate crimes. After years of ignoring it in major American cities , they’d run for decades; they invented an Asian hate crime out of whole cloth . FBI Director Christopher Wray [told NPR] Tuesday’s Atlanta-area shootings that killed eight people — [six of whom] were Asian-American — do not seem to be linked to race, backing up local police who say the alleged shooter was probably motivated by a sex addiction rather than racial animus. It was all Democrats could talk about, assuming you never mentioned the fact that they’d been ignoring Asian hate or instigating it for decades everywhere else. The narrative du jour. And, as usual, it was lies and fake news. The issue was loose sex and prostitution, not a race, which the Left also has to ignore being pro-sex workers, pro-sex trafficking, and human trafficking. Related: Someone in NH is Vandalizing Every ‘Asian Americans For Trump’ Sign – What do Democrats Think? Real threats and actual harm are acceptable to the Left if it advances their political agenda. The same is true for Blacks, Latinos, Women, Children, LGBTQ, Teachers, Unions, everyone. You are all just pieces on their board. Expendable at the slightest whim. Thinking outside their box or wandering off their plantation will get you canceled, and their policies almost always present the possibility of harm or death. Just look at the inner cities. They are proof of the systemic failure of Democrat rule encapsulated in the ruination of a people. Broken families, crime, poverty, generational dependency, squalor. That’s what their utopia looks like, people. They’re just mad as hell y’all aren’t in there too, but they never stop working towards that goal. They need power. More power. It is the only thing that motivates them. Get it, keep it, grow it. Just like politics in China, which, never wanting to let another manufactured political crisis go to waste, helped their ideological brothers and sisters out. They gave their false narrative a little lift. Sorry, a big lift! A network of fake social media accounts linked to the Chinese government pushed Americans to protest anti-Asian violence and dismiss the idea that the coronavirus was created in a Chinese lab. A report from cybersecurity firm Mandiant and a Google research team found that thousands of accounts on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms were involved in the network. Perception is everything, and the CCP was happy to create the appearance of both a rising and uncontrolled Asian hate problem while dismissing the WiHan lab-sourced virus stories. Related: Is it a Hate Crime if a Man Refuses to Have Sex with a Transwoman Because She has a Penis? Did your local Democrats take the bait and swallow it whole, then regurgitate it as fast and as often as they could. Of course, they did. Fooled again. Useful idiots of the Communist Chinese Government and about as good for America too. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!