SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) September 16, 2021 Taelor, a men's clothing rental subscription service, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Business Next Media Group as one of the Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021 from Taiwanese entrepreneurs. Business Next Media Group is an Taiwanese organization that helps Taiwanese startups grow into successful businesses. “We are honored to be chosen as one of the most innovative gifts that people can give this holiday season,” says Anya Cheng, founder and CEO of Taelor. “We know a lot of people are looking to be more environmentally conscious in their gift giving this holiday season, and when you give someone a subscription to Taelor, you can give him the gift of looking great every day, while also feeling good knowing you aren’t giving something that will just end up in a landfill someday.” In addition to Taelor, Business Next Media Group has selected a wide variety of innovative gifts from companies based in Taiwan or founded by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, including an at-home ramen maker, a smart cat litter box that can detect if your cat is sick, and more. “We think customers will really love these innovative products and services that all use technology in different ways to make people’s lives easier,” says Katie Chen, founder and CEO of Business Next Media Group. Business Next Media Group's Top 10 Holiday Gifts for 2021 are: 1. Taelor — Taelor is a new men’s clothing rental service that aims to help busy men look good and save the environment at the same time. For a flat fee of $69.99 per month, Taelor’s professional stylists and artificial intelligence pick out the perfect clothes for each customer to make him stand out. Customers receive two boxes of clothes a month, each with four shirts in each box. The shirts arrive clean and ready to wear. When customers are ready to swap, they simply return the dirty clothes and get new ones. Taelor is offering 15% off on gift certificates this holiday season with the code HOLIDAYGIFT at . Click here for more photos 2. Ultra Shirt by TRANZEND — TRANZEND’s Ultra Suit is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled coffee grounds. It’s stretchable, waterproof, machine washable and wrinkle free. This sleek-looking, comfortable shirt is not only motion-adapative, but it also has thermal regulation and is designed with magnetic cuffs, laser cut vents, ultrasonic sewing and many advanced technologies. Founded in the U.K., TRANZEND has been popular in Asian countries, such as Taiwan. TRANZEND’s founder, William Chen, says, "Our goal at TRANZEND is to produce stylish yet timeless and sustainable clothing by implementing advanced material technology into unique, versatile designs.” Ultra Shirt is priced at $199, and TRANZEND is offering 30% off on all of its products this holidays season at . 3. Giftpack — Giftpack is a service that allows companies to send hundreds of unique gifts in seconds with a customer relationship management tool without dealing with any of the logistics. The smart technology uses artificial intelligence to compare a company’s list of clients or employees to people with similar backgrounds and combine that data with local gifting trends to pick the best gift for them. All companies need to do is provide the recipient’s social media link. Giftpack is offering 50% off on corporate gifting this holiday season at with the code HOLIDAY21. 4. Takumi by Yokai Express — The Takumi by Yokai Express is at-home device that cooks ramen, rice bowls, dim sum, dumplings, and pasta, and also works as a coffee maker, a high-induction cooktop, and a steamer for sanitizing utensils and baby bottles. Takumi is priced at $399 and will be launched in December at . 5. LuluPet — LuluPet is a smart litter box that detects symptoms of the seven most common cat illnesses using artificial intelligence. Customers can get real-time alerts from the LuluPet app so they’ll know if there’s an irregularity in their pet as soon as possible. The LuluPet connects with other smart home devices such as Google Home and Alexa, and it even recognizes multiple cats. LuluPet is priced at $169 at 6. DirectGo — DirectGo is designed for people who want to send them large size holiday gifts, such as furniture or mattresses, from companies like Crate and Barrel to people in Asia. Customers simply need to go to and enter the URL of the gift they want to send. It will show them the shipping cost and estimated delivery date. Complete the check out, and boom! The mattresses will show up at the designated address in Asia. 7. Cubo Ai — The Cubo is an artificial intelligence-powered baby monitor that detects whether the baby’s mouth and nose are covered or if the baby is lying face down. Co-created by a mom and a pediatrician, this baby monitor not only comes with safety alerts, but it also includes two-way audio, HD night vision, and plays lullabies and white noise to soothe the baby to sleep. This baby monitor has been popular with parents worldwide, scoring 4.5 stars on Amazon with more than 650 ratings. Its 3-Stand Set (including a floor base, a crib mount, and a mobile stand) is designed to grow with a baby from 0 to 5 years old. It’s regularly priced at $299 and customers can get $70 off (23% off) at Amazon during Black Friday Sales. The Cubo’s Wall Mount Set (a sturdy option mounted to the wall) is $199 and customers can save 15% off at Amazon during Black Friday Sales. 8. LUFTQI — LUFTQI is a CES Innovation Award winner and the world's smallest molecular air purifier. It uses advanced photocatalyst technology to zap chemical vapors, pollen, mold, and pathogens down to the molecule. It works similarly to regular home air purifiers, but can fit into the palm of your hand and costs less than half the price of a regular home air purifier. Travel with it on an airplane, in the office or in the car. It’s priced at $149 and customers can save 20% this holiday season at . 9. Qubii Duo by Maktar — Qubii Duo’s photo storage cube backs up a phone’s memory and data automatically when the phone is charging. This backup cube is compatible with the Apple iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android systems. The all-in-one automatic backup solution works securely offline and is easy to use. Qubii Duo allows customers to back up their HDR photos, 4K videos, contacts, social media, and more. The patented content password encryption feature provides customers with another layer of data protection. The Qubii Duo backup cube is Apple MFi-certified and priced at $64.99. Customers can save 20% off at Amazon. For more information, contact [email protected] Click here for the media kit 10. Temp Pal by iWEECARE — This remote, wearable thermometer for babies helps parents monitor their baby's temperature. Parents can get alerts and monitor their temperature on their phone. It’s priced at $59 and the company is offering 10% off this holiday season at . For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Lauren Carrane at [email protected] or call 954-554-0336. # # # About Taelor Taelor is a Silicon Valley-based menswear clothing rental subscription. Our mission is to help people feel confident so that they can achieve their life and career goals while saving mindspace and playing a part in saving the environment. Our top-notch stylists, along with powerful algorithms, pick out the perfect clothes for you to make you stand out. When you're ready to swap, just return the dirty clothes! For more information, visit . About Business Next Media Group Business Next Media Group (BNEXT) was founded in 1999 by senior media professionals with a shared interest in the future of Taiwan’s technology and Internet sectors. Business Next remains at the forefront of the key developments that are shaping our future. Since its launch in 2011, Business Next has launched the platform Meet. 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