New York Times : How Accounting Giants Craft Favorable Tax Rules From Inside Government — Lawyers from top accounting firms do brief stints in the Treasury Department, with the expectation of big raises when they return. — For six years, Audrey Ellis and Adam Feuerstein worked together at PwC … Louisa Loveluck / Washington Post : Syrian detention camp rocked by dozens of killings blamed on Islamic State women … AL-HOL CAMP, Syria — The killings have taken on a creeping sense of inevitability, guards say. No one admits to hearing them, let alone knowing who is responsible. — On a recent morning … Travis Waldron / HuffPost : Georgia Is How American Democracy Falls Apart — Through a bevy of bills and rule changes, Georgia Republicans are trying to codify the essential goal of the Jan. 6 riots: a rigged system in which Democrats can't win elections. — ATLANTA ? David Dreyer just needed a nap. +