[Skip to comments.](#comment) Posted on 09/28/2021 2:14:05 PM PDT by [Mount Athos](/~mountathos/) Not one outlet that spread the CIA lie that it was Russian disinformation (except POLITICO) has even mentioned it. That means that CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, PBS, @HuffPost, @TheIntercept and so many others spent weeks before the 2020 election spreading what they know is a lie from CIA. And now that there's new proof from a mainstream reporter that they lied, they won't even mention that. The most damaging and aggressive agents of disinformation in the United States are large corporate media outlets. All journalists make mistakes. The way to know that they're deliberate disinformation agents is when they ignore evidence that they lied. That shows it's purposeful. Other than the short note from his own outlet, the only mainstream outlet that mentioned this news was when CBS stuck it on their digital platform (but not TV). Everyone at the outlets that spread the pre-election CIA lie don't want you to hear this & don't want to mention it: To see what liberal corporate media outlets really are, do this thought experiment: Imagine if Schreckinger's book had proved the Biden emails were *forged* instead of verifying them. He'd be all over the place instead of ignored. That's how you know they lie on purpose. It's fine if people think I'm fixated on this. I am. CIA invented an outright lie before the election — to protect Biden and help him win. Almost every major liberal corporate outlet spread it. Big Tech censored the reporting. And now a new book proves it was a total lie. This, though, is what gives me hope. @rustyrockets took my Substack reporting on the indictment of Hillary's lawyer and what it shows about the lies of corporate outlets. He produced a short YouTube video report. In 3 days, it has almost 2 million views: (video link in first comment) Just that segment alone — after 3 days, with no corporate backing — is almost 4 times larger than Don Lemon's audience. It's twice as large as Chris Hayes or Joy Reid's Comcast shows. And I'll bet the number of people under 55 watching is more than 10 times what those shows get. This is why employees of media corporations with the job title "journalist" so desperately agitate for more online censorship. They know they'll have no audience unless it's a captive one, and they know they will be exposed if dissent from their lies and propaganda can be heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k6X03XvxWw The Biden Crime Family is part of the larger Democrat Party Organized Crime Syndicate. so what’s going to happen as a result? Hunter Biden's actual sleaze, corruption, illegality and drug abuse…? …shrugs. Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.