Do you know how to access the Black Market in China? Then you can get your hands on a new Intel Core i9-12900K ‘Alder Lake-S’ processor! After all, we already have a few processors for sale, with a price around 700$. Intel Core i9-12900K is now on sale in China ($700) Therefore, Intel Core i9-12900K is for sale on Taobao website, which normally serves as a kind of OLX in Chinese lands. The processors in question are not the final version, that is, they are not the same version that we will see on the shelves, being ES2 (Second generation engineering samples.). That is, they are processors that should not be sold, serving only for testing. By the way, any kind of performance metrics that come from these ‘boys’ should not be valued, as the specification may very well not be the same as the final version, especially in terms of frequencies. Besides, if by chance you are thinking to risk everything and buy one of these processors, remember that you also need a compatible motherboard (Intel Z690), as well as a compatible cooler. However, the launch itself should take place at the Intel Innovation event on the next 28th, with pre-orders starting on the same day. Afterwards, the first units arrive on the market itself on the 4th of November. Intel graphics cards: Beautiful, powerful and cheap? Apparently, Intel will make an authentic ‘all-in’ in the field of graphics cards, offering an interesting range in terms of performance and price. But on top of all this, it looks like your design is going to be very interesting too! After all, today was the day we had access to the first renders… And my friends… I put this on my PC without thinking twice! Read the rest of the article on here. Please Like Our Facebook Page For The Latest Updates