Japanese automaker Honda held a press conference in which it unveiled five new electric vehicles for the Chinese market. All new items belong to the Honda e: N Series family, with the first two being almost identical and production-ready electric crossovers, while the remaining three are more futuristic concepts. So, Honda e: NS1 and Honda e: NP1 are electric versions of the Honda HR-V ICE crossover from local manufacturers Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda. They will begin to collect and sell in China as early as next year, after which it will be possible to purchase them in Ukraine. Official specifications have not yet been announced, but it is expected that the range will be at least 500 km. The e: N Coupe Concept (coupe), e: N SUV Concept (crossover) and e: N GT Concept (sedan) share a similar design with sharp edges and distinctive lighting technology. They are expected to be brought to the stage of mass production in five years. The novelties will be based on the proprietary architecture e: N Architecture F / W, which allows front (F version), as well as rear and all-wheel drive (W version), while in the latter case the electric car will receive an engine on each of the axles. The most interesting thing is that within the Honda e: N Series family, the Japanese are going to build at least ten electric models for the Chinese market. By 2030, the brand intends to sell only hybrids and electric vehicles in the local market, and from 2040, exclusively electric vehicles.