[Technology] Tesla reaches milestone with 1,000 supercharged stations in China Tesla has reached the milestone of installing 1,000 supercharged stations in mainland China, including 100 in Shanghai and 100 in Hainan. According to Insideevs, the company also held a special exhibition to celebrate the milestone. The total number of individual supercharged stalls, including all stations, exceeds 7,600. That is, on average, there are 7.6 stalls per charging station. Similar bike Essel Energy Get 1 ? 37,500* Or later Ktm200 Duke 199.5 cc ? 1.76 Easy*Or later Java 293 cc ? 1.76 Easy*Or later Husqvarna Motorcycle Husqvarna Waltopyrene 250 248.76 cc £ 1.84 Lakhs*Or later Husqvarna Motorcycle Husqvarna Vippylene 250 248.76 cc £ 1.84 Lakhs*Or later China currently accounts for almost one-third of the EV giant Tesla’s supercharged network size, with more than 3,250 charging stations and more than 29,250 charging worldwide as of the end of the third quarter of 2021. A stall is installed. China is slightly behind the United States in terms of the number of charging stations installed in the country, and its share is only increasing, which is very rapid. Due to Tesla’s rapid growth in mainland China and the pace of EV adoption, it is possible that at some point there will be more supercharging stations in China than in the United States. According to supercharge.info, there are currently 1,168 stations in the United States. https://auto.hindustantimes.com/auto/news/tesla-reaches-milestone-of-installing-1-000-supercharging-stations-in-china-41635058647230.html Tesla reaches milestone with 1,000 supercharged stations in China