China Wireless Communication, Inc. announced recently that the company has signed a distributor agreement with Tsinghua Unis Bitway Networking Technology Co., Ltd. to sell network security products.

The Board of Directors was also pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Henry Zaks to the Board of Directors.

CWLC provides one-stop wireless internet services in China with Tsinghua Unis Bitway Network Company. Providing network security systems in the Chinese computing environment is one of the key elements in CWLC's business. CWLC and its customers in China will not only benefit from Unis Bitway's wide-range of reliable and custom-configured security systems including Unis Bitway's network switch and router, but immediate local support services.

Mr. Kent Lam, the President of CWLC's Beijing operating subsidiary states, "This agreement will provide diversity in our systems integration capability as well as add value to our suite of products being delivered in China. We expect to penetrate new markets in China as well as increase our revenue with our exiting customer base." Henry Zaks joins the Board of China Wireless bringing a diverse background of solid business experience including senior level management, marketing, strategic business development, and negotiation skills.

Henry Zaks is President of Zaks-Shane, LTD; a Wisconsin based organization that specializes in marketing business-to-business solutions to both corporations and small companies. He has over 30 years as a sales professional, and is renowned as a marketing expert. In his last business endeavor, Mr. Zaks generated over $200,000,000 in annual transactions.

In addition, he supported the sales and marketing efforts of over 6,000 independent distributors and sales agents. Because of his vast knowledge and experience in marketing and sales, he adds extraordinary value to a business' promotional efforts.


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