Sybase Inc recently announced at the annual user conference in Korea that it had won two Chinese provincial government tenders from the Heilongjiang Provincial Labor and Social Security Department and Yunnan Economic Information Center.

The database software company said it is supporting the Heilongjiang Social Security System (HSSS) project, which covers the management of labor and social security operations in 13 regions and cities in 68 counties. The total number of people covered in the system is about eight million. The database is expected to store 5 years' worth of data with a maximum storage space of 2-3 terabytes. Supported by Sybase's enterprise edition of its intelligent data management system, Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.5, the system allows users to utilize their existing hardware and equipment, thus minimizing investment required.

In Yunnan, Sybase supported the Yunnan Economic Indicator Statistical Analysis System (Yunnan EISAS) project. Jointly launched by the Yunnan Planning Committee, the Yunnan Statistics Bureau and the Yunnan Economic Statistical Analysis Information Center, the system is designed for statistical analysis of economic indicators in the province. The project will establish a centralized information storage center of provincial economic data, which will be based on a number of databases from various surveys and departments. The establishment of this information storage center will enable meta-data management, database modeling, database management, data query, online analysis, data mining and information release.


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