Shanghai-based M3 Mobile Ltd. is launching a new service named 'Your Phone in China' that rents out mobile phones and wireless Internet PC cards to business and leisure travelers in China.

M3 Mobile will advertise the new service online, as well as through partnerships with travel agencies and firms specializing in exhibitions and conferences. The service will place more of a focus on business travelers. Although mobile phone rentals are not a new service in China, the rental of wireless Internet PC cards is.

"Most larger hotels now provide LAN access in their rooms, but you're not going to be in your room the whole day, or at least you shouldn't be if you're on a business trip," M3 Mobile official Jacquelien Bunt said. "That's why we believe our PC card rental service has real value. It's a new thing, unique."

China Unicom will provide services for all cellular phones and wireless Internet PC cards rented out by M3 Mobile. Handsets and PC cards are delivered to customers at airports, office addresses or hotel rooms. Customers are required to pay a deposit for the rental of both handsets and PC cards. A base fee of US$10 is charged for the rental of wireless Internet PC cards, which allows the customer to download and upload 30 megabytes. Each additional megabyte costs US$0.81. A base fee of US$20 is charged for the rental of mobile phones, which allows the customers three days of usage. Customers pay additional charges for calls and text messaging.


  1. i would be appreciate it, If you can send me full cataluge of M3 product.
    one more question, send me the price list and also the way of delivering.
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