Arzoon, Inc., a provider of integrated transportation and international trade logistics management software, and Quality Logistics, Inc. have entered an agreement for Quality Logistics, Inc. to utilize Arzoon's web-based technology for managing multi-modal international shipments to Quality Logistics' customers.

Additionally, Quality Logistics and Sinotrans Logistics, Shanghai, a unit of Sinotrans Eastern Company, have entered into a separate agreement under which Sinotrans Logistics will draw upon the staff resources of Sinotrans in China to secure timely, complete and accurate data from factories throughout China. Quality Logistics will be responsible for marketing the logistics services of Sinotrans Logistics into the U.S. market.

"Outsourcing logistics services is crucial for offshore manufacturers who face the challenge of distributing goods from China," said president Bengt Henriksen, president and CEO of Quality Logistics. "Our customers benefit from the experience we have in understanding how to negotiate and manage these relationships to be successful in China." Final product rollout resulting from these agreements between Arzoon, Quality Logistics and Sinotrans Logistics will be in November when the system goes "live" at the first of several Quality Logistics customers.


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