A sci-tech base at an estimated cost of 3.2 billion yuan and an experts' park covering 200,000 square meters will be built in Beihai City, jointly financed by the China International Association for Promoting Science and Technology, the International Association of Chinese Experts and Professionals, Hong Kong-based Dazhonghua Investment Management Ltd and New Asia Investment Ltd.

The base will be located 5 kilometers east of the city center, covering an area of 1,666,667 square meters and including seven sections for management and training, exhibition, agricultural demonstration and processing, logistics and R&D, construction and assembling and living compound.

Upon completion in four to five years, the base will serve as a platform for modern investment and exchanges integrating sectors of hi-tech, information and logistics. The aim is to usher in and settle more hi-tech achievements and experts into the nation's western regions and boost the hi-tech industrialization process and local economy. Among the first batch of scientific achievements to be industrialized there are light construction materials, environment disinfectant for raising shrimps, and silicon-empowered, environmentally-friendly batteries.


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