Genesis Microchip Inc., a leader in the development of image processing technologies for consumer and PC-display products, today announced that TCL International Holdings Limited, a leading multimedia consumer electronic products manufacturer in China and member of TCL Group, selected Genesis' FLI video controllers featuring Faroudja's video processing technology and Jag-ASM display controller for several new LCD TV and PDP TV platforms.

Available in China and Asia, the TCL branded models 1526 (15-inch), 2026 (20-inch), 2326 (23-inch) and 3026 (30-inch) LCD TVs as well as 4018 (40-inch) and 4226 (42-inch) Plasma TVs will display the DCDi by Faroudja brand on their faceplates. TCL also sells these products in Europe under the Schneider brand with the same model numbers.

Genesis provides TCL with multiple controller solutions including the FLI family of digital video processors that convert standard interlaced and high definition video signals into formats compatible with the fixed pixel formats of flat panel displays. These controllers also feature video enhancement technologies, aspect ratio conversion and Faroudja's proprietary DCDi algorithms that eliminate the jagged edges seen on moving angled lines in video. The Jag-ASM is a highly integrated dual channel display processor that features a complete analog front-end for VGA analog interface and provides high design scalability. It accepts input images from multiple sources and displays them on fixed pixel flat panel displays such as LCD, PDP or DLP.


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