Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing and China-based ZTE Corporation today announced their collaboration to produce integrated circuits (ICs) targeting switches and routers.

Several IC products based on various technology nodes have completed process qualification, and production is planned for the first quarter of 2004. These products utilize Chartered's proven BiCMOS and analog processes. As part of their ongoing collaboration, the companies continue to engage in various qualification and prototyping activities involving multiple products and technology nodes.

"ZTE is extremely pleased to collaborate with Chartered as our long-term, trusted foundry partner for the manufacturing of state-of-art ICs targeting telecommunication networking solutions," said Mr. Guo Changsong, ASIC product general manager of ZTE. "Through its network of qualified partners, Chartered has supported us with a holistic ecosystem of value-added design and back-end solutions that delivers design support, manufacturing, and IC test and packaging services. As a result, our designers were able to achieve significant time efficiencies along the value chain while attaining high yields and performance functionality at the chip level."

"Recognizing the needs of the semiconductor market in China, Chartered's goal is to provide complete yet localized solutions that will enable fast-growing semiconductor companies, such as ZTE, to commercialize their products both within China and globally," said Mr. Bo Cheng, vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific at Chartered. "Chartered is pleased with the success ZTE has achieved in leveraging an array of Chartered's offerings to develop complete solutions and bring products to market quickly."


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